Calling for Interviews

I am a local artist in Madison working on a community based art project to create a philosophical and artistic

discourse on love  

This is a philosophical study to answer Madison’s question as to what love is. I am interviewing over one hundred people, of all ages and walks of life in Madison, asking them one question and seeing where they take their answer.  I wish to create a StoryCorps experience, where the person and their answer is the most important thing, and my voice and input will be minimal. I will be finding these people by emailing them directly, setting out flyers around town, and even sitting in public places with my recording equipment.  I want the broadest voice, covering all scopes of our town.

The interviews, photographs, artist’s pieces, as well as more interactive materials will be exhibited in February to showcase this Madison discourse on love.  Those interviews that will be featured will be completely anonymous. My mission is to encourage this discourse through philosophical questions, artistic pieces that call for thought, and questions that call for the viewer or listener to talk about and discover their answer to love.  It will not be uniform, but it will be endlessly fascinating.

I am attempting to create the broadest scope in the project, the widest eyes with as many answers as I can gather.

I am setting up interview times, and would love to hear from you.  Please email for more information.


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