Bloggers blog.  Writers write.  Philosophers …philosophize?

People talk.

They should talk.

But do you agree?

Many blogs post advice about marriage, then reactions to marriage,  questions and answers about love,  people who will tell you how to feel, quizzes to take (ha), or how to analyze.

But I want you to analyze.  React.  Question. Answer.  Figure out how YOU feel.  Test yourself.  Test your love.

Talk about it.

We seek guidance because we don’t know.  But what happens when we stop asking others for this guidance and direction, and look inward.

Would we find we are lost?  Would we be found?  Would we find our answers?

Love is everywhere.  Whether you believe in it, don’t believe, love it, hate it.  Whether you are immersed, crushed, withered, uplifted… we are surrounded by love.  Love songs, love movies, stories of love imprinted on the histories around us, life is love.

So, tell me of your love.  What does your love look like?  

Let’s turn away from those that tell us about love or marriage.  Let’s turn into ourselves and figure out what our hearts look like.

Share your answers.  Let’s talk.

*Love you So, from the Wild Things, is from Etsy store Olive and Birch.



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