Fourth Workshop :: Gifts Given and Received


Love brings us many things… what gifts have you given or have you received in it?

The fourth workshop through A Study on Love explores this idea of gifts. These are not “things” given, but gifts to ones life… Drop in to share what you’ve given or received!

Fair Trade Coffee House, on State Street, on March 22, 2014

From 12-4pm

A variety of boxes will be available…so,

What will your gift box look like? Will it be a bright and shiny gift, with sparkles? Will it be scratched and dark?

How will it be sealed? How will it be opened? With a gentle pull or with scissors? Can it be opened at all?

Will it be a collection of boxes, one inside the other?

What are the gifts in your life? Is it a gift that was given to you – an example of how someone taught you how to be more kind or laugh harder at British Comedy? A love of cooking? A hard gift of a broken heart, that you became stronger with? An interest in a movie that you now love? A child? A marriage? A shared life together? Did someone give you the ability to love when you thought you couldn’t anymore? Or perhaps a better way to see the world…

Or maybe a gift that you gave to someone? How you taught them to plant a bulb in the spring? Showed them a band that they now love? Showed someone how to love deeper? Showed how you communicate or how you need to love? Did you teach a friend a math equation that they needed help on? Or maybe you gave your love to them, unrequited, and the box remains sealed…

There are so many options and possibilities; there are so many stories and gifts of love that we have. Some break us, some help us. Some are big and some are small. Some are pandora’s boxes and never end. Some hold secrets…

What will your box hold? Come and drop by to write your gifts, choose a box to wrap it in, and share! Finished and sealed boxes will be a part of the project, and will be available to explore at the opening reception night on June 6, 2014 at Absolutely Art!


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