Gifts Given


There was  great turnout at March’s community arts workshop.

Exploring gifts given and received on love.

Not material things.

No jewelry. No flowers.  No bows or shiny paper.

But real gifts. To our lives.

What have YOU given?  What have YOU received in love?


People dropped in to write their gifts on paper and drop them into the box.  These papers will be placed into jewelry boxes and sealed.  They will all be available for exploring and opening at the reception on Friday, June 6 at Absolutely Art.

It was a great success.

 :: Some gifts explored ::

“”We had a girl. It’s the greatest gift I could have gotten… Even if you left”

“You taught me how to love myself”

“You caused so many scars that I can’t forget you”

“I learned to love my body”

And many, many more.  Come and explore.  And be on the lookout for the April and May workshop.

Big stuff coming.  🙂

*Etsy artist KateZarembaCompany


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