Just Love


Can I just say that I love this girl?

I met Laura Szumowski in high school and man, she has gone places.

Attending the Art Institute of Chicago, she has delved into illustration and has created and illustrated books, makes greeting cards, and posters and prints.

Girl’s even got a youtube video.

Check out all her stuff here and see her love map explored at the exhibition at Absolutely Art in June!


Many Faces


Jaroslava Sobiskova is a talented artist of many faces.

She writes:

“Jaroslava Sobiskova was born to an extremely wealthy cattle baroness and her husband Hank in the harsh north Minnesota landscape of 1913. You will note in her paintings a harkening back to her earliest materials; dung, hay, cow’s milk, and blood.
Jaroslava Sobiskova was born in 1929 Shanghai. She received her early aesthetic schooling in the sweat filled opium dens, jazz joints and hair salons of the day. No known trace fo Ms. Sobiskova surfaced before 1991 when her paintings were found in a collectors junk in Kowloon. It is believed she disappeared after the Japanese invasion.
Jaroslava Sobiskova, noted cellular biologist from Bern, Switzerland chose after winning the Nobel prize in biology (1966) to pursue her lifelong love of painting. You will note her loyalty to mitochondriacal structures in these pieces.
Jaroslava Sobiskova was born Ida Schlunk of Cambridge, Wisconsin in 1990. Ms. Schlunk’s work can be seen at many venues throughout the Madison area showing of this remarkable four year old’s talent. You will note her mastery of finger paint and crayolas”

She has created a face of her love for the Absolutely Art and Discourse on Love show.  We are honored to have her!

Please explore her work here and explore her new piece at the exhibition in June.

Fluid Layers



We are honored to have Rebecca Lemke as a contributing artist in the Discourse on Love project.

Rebecca is a wonderful woman; one that has shared her story of transformation through art.  It was a joy to meet her at an exhibition earlier this year.

Rebecca writes,

“As a self-taught artist, I’ve honed my artistic skills over the years by continuously finding new ways to experiment with my art – it has become a process that I find a lot of joy in. I use  many different techniques with my paintings; it always feels new to me each time I work with a fresh canvas. I work with water colors and acrylic paints. I build unique textures and fluid layers in each piece.

Painting has been quite cathartic as I express a gamut of light and dark feelings. When I started painting it was to develop a personal creative outlet and to have a way to reflect on many things I was going through in my life that were difficult, painting had given me a way to not only voice my experiences but to enjoy the capability of having a deep connection to life’s experiences as well.”

Please explore Rebecca’s work at her website here.

And check out her piece at the immersive interactive love exhibition at Absolutely Art in June.  The reception will be Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.

‘How Can I Help You?’


I have known Tami Dettinger for many months now…

not only is she a fantastic artist, but also a wonderful dancer, dog owner, bee keeper, giving love and joy wherever she goes.

Throughout this project, she has been a great support.  She agreed to both interview and contribute a piece for the Absolutely Art exhibition in June.

She proved that what we see are only tips of beautiful icebergs, with stories and wisdom beneath what we already see.

It has been a joy.  🙂

She wrote a great explanation of her love, and says:

“Before you know it, you’ve been together for 30 years, and your heart is full from the accumulated gestures of love.”

Please come and see Tami’s work and many more artists at the exhibition at Absolutely Art in June.  Opening reception is Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.

Cracks to Fill



Absolutely Art and A Discourse on Love are happy to announce Meg McMahon, who will be contributing two pieces for the exhibition in June.

One will be a performance art piece, where she explores what makes someone fall in love.  Check it out here 🙂

She has also contributed a piece of art,

Meg writes:

“Sometimes romance works, sometimes it doesn’t. There are cracks left by some memories and sometimes love can fill them. Love is transparent, we can see the flaws of each other, we can see ourselves in others, and we all try to be real.”

Please come to see Meg’s performance art piece and more at the exhibition.  The reception night, featuring over ten interactive pieces, will be Friday, June 6 from 5-9.

Hope to see you there!

Loving Energy


We are pleased to have Christine “Onga” Dehlinger in the Discourse on Love show!

It was amazing, having booked Onga through Artery, we later discovered that her daughter, Emma Dehlinger, had also agreed to be a part of it!

They have created a collaborative piece for the exhibition at Absolutely Art in addition to their individual contributions.  🙂

Onga writes:

“This piece represents the consciousness that we are not separate beings, but that we are one, Love.

“Tat tvam asi” means “thou art that.” It is a Sanskrit sentence found in the Upanishads of Hinduism which expresses the relationship between the individual and the Divine. It refers to our experience of identity with Brahman — the unchanging reality amidst and beyond the world.

Our love of our neighbor is nothing but the love of the Divine which is expressed in ourselves as well as our fellow humans.” 

Please explore her work here and come to the opening  reception at Absolutely Art on Friday, June 6 from 5-9.



Love is a Mystery

Over the next coming weeks, we will be debuting the artists, events, questions, and interactive components that will be included in the exhibition.  A lot of info, pictures, and stories!  Stay tuned!
To start, I am proud to share that artist Meg McMahon has created a really interesting performance piece entitled ::
“Make Me Fall For You”
Meg will be performing a piece that explores what makes someone fall in love, the difference of personality, and invites audience participation. She asks for each person to come up one at a time and shake a box will two coins in it, depending on the outcome of the fate the audience member will get a different persona to interact with. The audience member then has 3 to 5 minutes to make the character to fall for them. There will be four characters altogether, each having very different styles of communication and personalities. She wishes not to give too much away, because love itself is a mystery, but she will give you the names and a trait for each. Kalli is coy, Roberta is reserved, Ariana is whimsical, and Tori is reckless. She hopes to give insight into the differences in everyone and how that relates to the creation of a lasting bond with certain people, love, and that certain spark.
Come and explore love at the reception night on Friday, June 6 at Absolutely Art from 5-9, where you can see this cool piece and so many more!

Let’s Talk the Future, Aye?


This project is amazing, and I can get all romantic and sappy about it.  But really, it is.  I had this tiny idea in late September :: to talk to people about love.  And look where we are now :: interviews, community arts workshop, and this amazing exhibition.  It’s all bigger than I ever could have imagined.

This has been a community powered event.  I have planted the seed and watched the community make it into what it is today.  Though it has been entirely volunteer run, and free of cost, we are encountering some costs with the exhibition…  One artist is building a robot that writes love letters and a listening booth, where you can connect with the interviews.  The same artist is doing woodcuts of all the questions we have explored, so even that will be art.  Wood, materials, phones… we need these things to complete it to the community’s vision.  We need this to make it as great as it can be.

But I have dreams for this project to continue as well.  It seems strange to end it after seeing what can happen when community connects.  So, I ask for your help, the community.  I would like to continue this project, in a non-profit community arts outreach way.  I will be revealing more projects in the weeks and months to come, ways to connect people, ways to bring more art into the community.  But I need your help now.  Not only to help with expenses for the reception and show, but also to keep powering this towards the future.

Let’s support arts in our community.  Let’s support connections of people through out experiences.  Let’s see where we can take this.  Let’s see what happens when we support love through art.  I would really appreciate any donation for the upcoming exhibition and for the future of the project. Let’s power this forward.

Click here to donate to the project, for the exhibition and the future of this project

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