The Transformative Moment


I first met Briony at her show at her Bubbler exhibition and she was such a delight!  She is wonderfully talented printmaker and illustrator that has shown her work across the country and in New York Times bestselling books.  She is charming and sweet and it is an honor to have her!

Through her detailed etchings and drawings, Briony Morrow-Cribbs creates surreal versions of the natural world and attempts to document the transformative moment when the monstrous overcomes revulsion and becomes desire.

I am so proud to have her and I cannot wait to see what she creates for the show.  Please check out her work and her beautiful technique with etchings and watercolor at her site.

I hope to see you at the reception evening to explore the thoughts and ideas within this community artistic and philosophical love discourse.  Check it out at Absolutely Art in the month of June.  The opening reception is an immersive, interactive exploration of love and all its expressions on Friday, June 6.


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