Exciting Times and News



It is amazing to think where this project started.  What began as interviews and a desire to learn from the community, has grown and changed into something more beautiful than I could have imagined so many months ago.

It is each and every participating person that has made this project happen.  Each interview, participant, and artist has given so much, each idea has given it a new shine… but the best thing is seeing people open up.  I believe being open and vulnerable is what makes love so great, regardless of where you are on the spectrum.  It’s harder to do so sometimes.  It can be hard to stretch out, to be open, the fear of being alone in your thoughts or feelings, to speak or articulate what is you have seen.  But love is worth it, and that is what is being built here.  A whole community of love.

Connections are happening.  This is happening, and it is such a joy and honor to see it.  Love is so many things – delicate, sharp, funny, delightful or exciting, painful or crushing, confusing, even boring… love is something different for everyone, but I can say for certain that it connects us all.  It is something that we all have experiences of, something that we can all contribute to.

There will be more information coming, but for today I would like to debut the new website for this love discourse project.

Please feel free to explore the many facets of it – the many experiences shared, art created, wisdom collected.

None of this would be possible without you.

So, thank you.  Hugs, and much love to you.

*Contributing artist Briony Morrow-Cribbs


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