I Carry the Torch of a Deep Love



We are so proud and honored to have Jody Scott Chandler, who has made a beautiful relief print for the exhibition in June.

He writes, “I am a visual artist with diverse aesthetic interests, specializing in drawing and paint media. My paintings express basic aesthetic experiences such as line, form, space, color, and texture, sometimes to the extent that they are “just barely” artistic at all, to offer viewers the freedom to indulge in an at times bizarre, absurd, yet marvelous and precious human privilege: to just look and feel with nothing else to do, especially not to dig for definitive content, messages, or meaning unless through serendipitous discovery. I do not require of these basic aesthetic experiences that they be devoid of content or emotional resonance, but I relinquish control over such content as fully as possible to that serendipity of the individual viewer’s response to any piece.”

We are so proud to have him.  He has a lovely site and gallery – explore his work here.  Please visit Jody and many other artists at the reception night on Friday, June 6 at Absolutely Art.

My works are not necessarily without concrete reference or inspiration, but my artistic process is one by which I tend to occlude, eclipse, obscure, or hide to varying extent the original inspiration rather than reveal or explicate it. I paint away from subject matter, rather than about or nearby it, to arrive at a subject matter perhaps quite beyond the intentional. I carry the torch of a deep love of perennial mystery in works of art both objective and non-objective.


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