Love is a Mystery

Over the next coming weeks, we will be debuting the artists, events, questions, and interactive components that will be included in the exhibition.  A lot of info, pictures, and stories!  Stay tuned!
To start, I am proud to share that artist Meg McMahon has created a really interesting performance piece entitled ::
“Make Me Fall For You”
Meg will be performing a piece that explores what makes someone fall in love, the difference of personality, and invites audience participation. She asks for each person to come up one at a time and shake a box will two coins in it, depending on the outcome of the fate the audience member will get a different persona to interact with. The audience member then has 3 to 5 minutes to make the character to fall for them. There will be four characters altogether, each having very different styles of communication and personalities. She wishes not to give too much away, because love itself is a mystery, but she will give you the names and a trait for each. Kalli is coy, Roberta is reserved, Ariana is whimsical, and Tori is reckless. She hopes to give insight into the differences in everyone and how that relates to the creation of a lasting bond with certain people, love, and that certain spark.
Come and explore love at the reception night on Friday, June 6 at Absolutely Art from 5-9, where you can see this cool piece and so many more!


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