Many Faces


Jaroslava Sobiskova is a talented artist of many faces.

She writes:

“Jaroslava Sobiskova was born to an extremely wealthy cattle baroness and her husband Hank in the harsh north Minnesota landscape of 1913. You will note in her paintings a harkening back to her earliest materials; dung, hay, cow’s milk, and blood.
Jaroslava Sobiskova was born in 1929 Shanghai. She received her early aesthetic schooling in the sweat filled opium dens, jazz joints and hair salons of the day. No known trace fo Ms. Sobiskova surfaced before 1991 when her paintings were found in a collectors junk in Kowloon. It is believed she disappeared after the Japanese invasion.
Jaroslava Sobiskova, noted cellular biologist from Bern, Switzerland chose after winning the Nobel prize in biology (1966) to pursue her lifelong love of painting. You will note her loyalty to mitochondriacal structures in these pieces.
Jaroslava Sobiskova was born Ida Schlunk of Cambridge, Wisconsin in 1990. Ms. Schlunk’s work can be seen at many venues throughout the Madison area showing of this remarkable four year old’s talent. You will note her mastery of finger paint and crayolas”

She has created a face of her love for the Absolutely Art and Discourse on Love show.  We are honored to have her!

Please explore her work here and explore her new piece at the exhibition in June.


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