When I found Margaret Durow through Etsy, I knew I wanted her.

Not like that.  Get your mind outta the gutter.

But really, she’s great.  I love her style and her creativity.

Lomography interviewed her last year , where she writes, “I take photos that are nostalgic, intimate, and personal to me, but I hope they can also be relatable and personal for the viewer.”

We are so lucky to have Margaret create not one, but two pieces for the Discourse on Love exhibit that will be held this June at Absolutely Art. One piece, featured above, is about sharing and connecting.  She adds, “To love is to care, because you feel something very special. It means sharing that connection and feeling of love with someone, by doing and supporting the things that inspire you both. It means being there with someone, creating a new and exciting feeling every day together.”

Her second piece is two frames with trunks and tiny books of pictures.  where she explores her love map.

Please see her – go to her site – and fall in love with her 🙂

Come and see Margaret and 44 other contributing artists at the Discourse on Love exhibition, where we explore love of all kinds and share together as a community. The reception will be at Absolutely Art on Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.




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