Love Breeds Laughter



Philippa Bergmann is a brilliant artist extraordinaire that I have been lucky to meet.

She describes her work as:

“The most vivid memories of my youth are visual, but, often, Alice-like, have to do with a perturbing sense of enormous or miniscule physicality in space. Some memories are indecipherable from recurring dreams. In my paintings, I tease out these overlapping moments, especially those tight-chested recollections and ruminations involving animals, landscapes, and the vast sky. The tone of my work often brushes with the humorous and the surreal (e.g., Hubble space images as painterly treasure maps). Lately I want my paintings to say that anything is possible.

“A hundred million lightyears out. As we approach the limit of our vision, we pause to start back home. This lonely scene—the galaxies like dust—is what most of space looks like. This emptiness is normal; the richness of our own neighborhood is the exception.”
-Charles and Ray Eames, Powers of Ten (1977)”

philippalovediscourse 2

We are so lucky to have her in the Discourse on Love exhibition at Absolutely Art.  The exhibition will run from June 6-28, 2014, with the reception night being Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.

Please explore Philippa’s work here or see the two pieces she has created for the exhibition!


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