“Think I am Art”


I believe that Phil Porter is one of those cultural artist icons in Madison.  His work has been displayed all over town; his visions of the city are seen through his most interesting perspective.

Phil describes his work:

“I think I am art, not the artist.

My inspiration for my vibrantly colored paintings of cityscapes comes from travels, local field trips, movies, work experiences, and life in Madison. Regarding my philosophy of my work, it’s important to paint about things that you understand, and that you paint what you like. Buildings are in my blood. Lew Porter, my great-grandfather, is the architect who designed the State Capitol, the Red Gym/Old Armory, Science Hall, and other prominent buildings in Madison. I like to paint the buildings he designed.

I work on thirteen paintings at once. Thirteen is my lucky bingo number. When I paint, I stand in front of my custom made easel my brother, Andy built, with one color on my paintbrush searching for just the right spots.

This paragraph is for those people who want to know more about me. I’m not ashamed for people knowing about me. My family is important to me. My folks said I was mildly retarded, and things would have been a lot different if I was born when my youngest brother was fifteen years later. I originally felt I was an outcast to society. Some thought I was good for nothing, like I was trash. Now I feel like I’m part of society and make contributions like others. I work and sell my art in the community. I feel my art is part of me and lets people know more about me. I am very nice and very pleasant to be around. I am an altogether nice guy and you would like me if you got to know me.”

He is very nice, and a joy to have in our exhibition.  Phil explores nature in his piece where he answers the question “Is there one great love for everyone?”

To Phil, nature is his great love.  How beautiful is that?

Please see more of Phil’s work here and see his new piece entitled “Tall Trees, Flowers, and Double Suns” at the exhibition at Absolutely Art this June, with the opening reception being Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.


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