Who Will This Person Be?



Megan Monday is one of those people that you simply have to know.

Kind, funny, thoughtful… amazing artist that does photography, painting, knitting, and so much more.  Gifted in so many regards.

She also has a business providing photography for businesses, she adds, “I love going into the creative space of a small business and making images there. I take in what you do: your process, your product, the sense of place, the personalities, and I make a portfolio of images to reflect what I see. That viewpoint becomes the catalyst for promotion: through websites, social media platforms, and print.”

Megan explores the love of her son in the question, “Are you Open to Love?”  She beautifully writes:

“The first questions were common ones, born from the uncertainty that accompanies things-not-planned:
Am I ready? Are we sure? Is this the right time? Is this part of our plan?

Be Open, we decided, and new questions started taking shape:
Who will this person be? How will this change us? What will we become together?

Those questions bore a boy. That boy is now 5, and he unfolds the mysteries of his own personality: who he is, who he is becoming.

We find hints of who he will be in his elaborate sea creature drawings: angler fish with bioluminescent lures and carefully drawn coral with golden flowers.

We uncover signs in the costume bin: firefighter helmets become Darth Vader masks, and home-grown super heroes are spun out of dyed silks and Tinker Toy arrows.

We locate clues slipped into the spines of graphic novels: “secretly” reading after bedtime, the pale light from the hallway creeping past the doorsill and illuminating pages.

We unearth new interests with our shovels in the garden: earthworms make customary visits to marigolds, fairy houses are built, broccoli beds are planned and planted.

So I am Ever Open for this:
What creatures will he invent? What flags will he plant? What stories will he tell? “

I am so honored to know her, and so happy to have her in the Discourse on Love art exhibition at Absolutely Art.  She joins 44 other artists as they explore love and what it means in their lives.

Please explore Megan’s work here and see her piece entitled “Open” at the exhibition starting this Friday at 5pm.


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