How Large is the Spectrum of Love?



Artist Audrey Mahlie is a gifted social worker and mother, and is the only artist in the show to tackle the subject of domestic abuse in love.

It begs the question… when does it stop being love?

Is abuse a part of love, of the spectrum of love?

Does it all come from the same place – the love that we feel, that morphs into something disgusting?

What do you think?

Audrey explores the question, “Are you open to love?” 

She writes, “A great love informs how we feel about ourselves. It tells us we are special/beautiful/interesting/smart and worthy of respect. As a social worker I’ve seen people who have never experienced this love – not even from a parent or other family member. They experience only bad love, mediocre love, desperate love, or abusive love. So not really any “love” at all. But these experiences also inform how they feel about themselves. I’ve seen women who are in abusive relationships believe these relationships are healthy because it’s the best they’ve ever had. Maybe he took her in when she was homeless, maybe he showed some kindness in another way. They keep going back to him because that’s what they believe great love is. So in my experience, no, not everyone gets a great love. Those who do should hold on to it and be grateful.” 

Please share your thoughts below.


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