Wait for it, this is gonna be great

Love is funny, right?

Inside jokes, laughs.  Even in hard times, you have to laugh (i.e. that bad date that set new records for awkward times?)


Love is funny.  So we’re going to celebrate funny.  An old school variety show.

It’s the last workshop before the exhibition.  We’re not creating art together, but we’re making one hell of a fun time.

High Noon Saloon.  Friday, May 16.  9:30pm.  

Check out the event below ::

The facebook :: https://www.facebook.com/events/230737637118843/

And get your tickets here :: http://www.high-noon.com/event/546899

Monkey Business Improv will be doing improv skits throughout the night.  Jess and Jess will be doing an aerial dance.  Bands playing.  Feet dancing.

But take a gander to see who’s playing!  This is gonna be great.

Bring yer dancin’ shoes.  And your delightful self.

Monkey Business Improv ::

Anna Vogelzang ::

Nester ::

Jess and Jess Entertainment ::

Cowboy Winter ::

Charlie Brooks and the Way it Is ::