“I think I’m drawn to people that are confident. I like to be around people, both in friendships and relationships who know who they are and aren’t apologetic about it and have no problem admitting to their less than desirable traits.  And don’t act ashamed of who they are, even if they’re a bit weird.  There is something about those people that drives them that I would like to know more about, like why do they make make choices that way?”

*Etsy Artist NatureofMine



People are so incredibly wise. Overheard in cafe:

“I don’t know why I keep trying… I’m just so hurt. People act so different out of hurt.”
“Because it’s about finding the person who says I want this wreckage. These shattered parts fit perfectly with mine, and it’s all a part of the learning.”

Discourse ON LOVE 11/11

“But really,  I realized that I can either become bitter and heartbroken, or I can really find answers. I felt I was growing cold, detached. I want to feel inspired.  I want to learn.  I want answers.  I don’t want that experience to defeat me. I don’t want to give up and start thinking that I will never find love.  I’m not over him, but I want to work through it.
I’m excited to stop loving that person and let that love go and start to love love.”