Sharing the Love in Madison


A lot has happened since this project first began so many months ago.  Connections made, powerful expressions, and the greatest of all: love.  Love has been seen, explored, analyzed, discussed… stories heard and stories felt.  It has been a joy to be a part of this process – to see it come together in such a beautiful way.

I’ve met so many incredible people through these months, so many people that I am proud to call friends.  One of these friends connected me to a larger project that is happening nationally: the Baltimore Love Project.  Artist Michael Owen has painted 27 love mural all over the city of Baltimore and has started taking his love, and his art, across the country.

I am so proud to announce that Michael will be painting a love mural on the side of Plan B this summer.  There will be great collaborations with businesses, artists, and organizations that will work together to make this  a “Summer of Love” here in town.

Love Wins.

Love is Love.

Love is such a powerful experience, let’s make this strong.

See details and a writeup in the Cap Times on the Summer of Love here.

Coming up on June 28th there will be a workshop from 9am-1pm at the Bubbler, hosted by me, where I will bring back many of the interactive components that were featured in the exhibition reception night.  Pieces will serve to connect community through art and experience, as was the goal of the reception night and exhibition (that is still continuing through June).  This will be available for all ages, that will speak of this love Discourse project in town, as well as offer ideas, coloring pages, information and more on the Baltimore Love Project.

Thursday, July 10 and Friday, June 11 Michael will be painting the love mural on the side of Plan B.

Friday, July 11th will feature a concert, also at the Bubbler, from 830-midnight, where bands Flavor that Kills and Cowboy Winter will be playing for their Night Light event.  Forequarter will be providing drinks that evening.  It will also be the beginning of artist/maker and friend Joe Kerman, with Sector 67, who will be the artist-in-residence at the Bubbler in July and August.  Remember the robot, yeah, that’s the guy 🙂  This will be an event to celebrate love in town – what we have seen, what we love, and what we will be building more of.

Saturday, July 12 Michael will be presenting at the Bubbler and offering more information and sharing his art with the community.

I would also love to thank the community for this great support.  The discourse that was shared, interpreted, and discussed was overwhelmingly positive.  More details and pictures of the exhibition and more artists that contributed to come over the course of this next week.’

Love, always,



Cheers to a Reception


The Love Discourse reception was a huge success!

It was a joyous evening as we celebrated love and its broad spectrum of emotion, expression, and experience.

 Joe Kerman, with Sector 67, reads a note from the robot that he created for the show.


was a great help for the show overall – making the phones for the listening booth, the hearts available for sale, the wooden questions that divided the work, the wooden blocks for the ‘build a relationship’ interactive piece, and of course, the robot.

Participants could push the green button and a handwritten note would be created!



Many interactive pieces were on tables.

The typewriter was one of the more popular items, as children and adults of all ages wrote notes and letters to people.










This was another interactive piece, created by local artist Char DeVos.  Ribbons were woven through a heart, and participants could drop their marble into the heart to see where their love would go.

discourseexhibition19 discourseexhibition20


We were so proud to have Suzuki Strings of Madison play for us throughout the night.  They are so incredibly talented, and one audience member noted how brilliant it was that they never worked with sheet music, just listened to and watched each other.  It was a joy to hear such beautiful music from such talented students of music.









 discourseexhibition42 discourseexhibition43 discourseexhibition45  discourseexhibition48 discourseexhibition50 discourseexhibition51 discourseexhibition52discourseexhibition53

What a Joy!

It was an honor to be on NBC15 with Leigh Mills last night.  What a joy!

Thank you to Leigh Mills and the team at NBC15 for the opportunity and for showing my son around the studio – he was so excited 🙂


Man o man, we are some lucky folk.

The show is coming together and we are wrapping up quite a bit here.

The questions have been created, by the lovely Joe Kerman from Sector 67 (seriously, you gotta check this place out…) 


Interactive pieces are being finished…

listening booth is done!


the show is being hung today…

hearts to give, hearts to share…

and the program is being built with all the artist’s answers, questions, room to explore yourself…

Hope to see you this Friday, June 6 from 5-9 at Absolutely Art 🙂

Let’s Talk the Future, Aye?


This project is amazing, and I can get all romantic and sappy about it.  But really, it is.  I had this tiny idea in late September :: to talk to people about love.  And look where we are now :: interviews, community arts workshop, and this amazing exhibition.  It’s all bigger than I ever could have imagined.

This has been a community powered event.  I have planted the seed and watched the community make it into what it is today.  Though it has been entirely volunteer run, and free of cost, we are encountering some costs with the exhibition…  One artist is building a robot that writes love letters and a listening booth, where you can connect with the interviews.  The same artist is doing woodcuts of all the questions we have explored, so even that will be art.  Wood, materials, phones… we need these things to complete it to the community’s vision.  We need this to make it as great as it can be.

But I have dreams for this project to continue as well.  It seems strange to end it after seeing what can happen when community connects.  So, I ask for your help, the community.  I would like to continue this project, in a non-profit community arts outreach way.  I will be revealing more projects in the weeks and months to come, ways to connect people, ways to bring more art into the community.  But I need your help now.  Not only to help with expenses for the reception and show, but also to keep powering this towards the future.

Let’s support arts in our community.  Let’s support connections of people through out experiences.  Let’s see where we can take this.  Let’s see what happens when we support love through art.  I would really appreciate any donation for the upcoming exhibition and for the future of the project. Let’s power this forward.

Click here to donate to the project, for the exhibition and the future of this project

*Etsy artist DarkroomandDearly

Exciting Times and News



It is amazing to think where this project started.  What began as interviews and a desire to learn from the community, has grown and changed into something more beautiful than I could have imagined so many months ago.

It is each and every participating person that has made this project happen.  Each interview, participant, and artist has given so much, each idea has given it a new shine… but the best thing is seeing people open up.  I believe being open and vulnerable is what makes love so great, regardless of where you are on the spectrum.  It’s harder to do so sometimes.  It can be hard to stretch out, to be open, the fear of being alone in your thoughts or feelings, to speak or articulate what is you have seen.  But love is worth it, and that is what is being built here.  A whole community of love.

Connections are happening.  This is happening, and it is such a joy and honor to see it.  Love is so many things – delicate, sharp, funny, delightful or exciting, painful or crushing, confusing, even boring… love is something different for everyone, but I can say for certain that it connects us all.  It is something that we all have experiences of, something that we can all contribute to.

There will be more information coming, but for today I would like to debut the new website for this love discourse project.

Please feel free to explore the many facets of it – the many experiences shared, art created, wisdom collected.

None of this would be possible without you.

So, thank you.  Hugs, and much love to you.

*Contributing artist Briony Morrow-Cribbs

The Transformative Moment


I first met Briony at her show at her Bubbler exhibition and she was such a delight!  She is wonderfully talented printmaker and illustrator that has shown her work across the country and in New York Times bestselling books.  She is charming and sweet and it is an honor to have her!

Through her detailed etchings and drawings, Briony Morrow-Cribbs creates surreal versions of the natural world and attempts to document the transformative moment when the monstrous overcomes revulsion and becomes desire.

I am so proud to have her and I cannot wait to see what she creates for the show.  Please check out her work and her beautiful technique with etchings and watercolor at her site.

I hope to see you at the reception evening to explore the thoughts and ideas within this community artistic and philosophical love discourse.  Check it out at Absolutely Art in the month of June.  The opening reception is an immersive, interactive exploration of love and all its expressions on Friday, June 6.

To Affirm or Enlighten



Char Devos is a brilliant artist with great ideas.  She writes, “creativity is a force, and I want to share that force with others. “

We are so happy to host her and have her create two pieces for the love discourse exhibition at Absolutely Art in June.  She originally made one and then created a second interactive piece for viewers/participants to engage in.  Pictures to come!

Please do check out her work here.

And make sure to see her at the exhibition in June at Absolutely Art.

Replanted and Grown


I have been speaking with artist Holly Meyers for months now, and it has been amazing getting to know her through her art.  It is a joy to have her contributing pieces for the exhibition in June at Absolutely Art.

Holly describes her work ::

“No matter how messy or uprooted I feel about anything I want to know it can be replanted and grown into something beautiful and that I survived it.  Because life is full of beginnings and messy middles and happily ever afters.  These are some of mine.”

Explore her gallery and ideas here.  

Visit Holly and her new pieces at the love discourse exhibition at Absolutely Art throughout the month of June.  The opening reception will be Friday, June 6, from 5-9pm.

Hope to see you there!