Love Map


What has shaped you,

in ways that you recognize?

Some psychologists claim that we have love maps that we develop throughout our lives.

Who you are, what you’ve seen in life and in relationships, and where you are going next.

Would you say you are influenced by a series of people or incidences?

It may not be linear, it may not have a defined path.

But perhaps life is shaped by those paths, or people, we’ve seen.


Perhaps these experiences us guide us away from people, towards people…

not just romantically,

but perhaps in a way that inspires us to surround ourselves with people that support us and love us,

because we’ve seen and been hurt by those that don’t.

Perhaps your start is your parents, shaping you guiding you.

Their personality traits and the moments of your childhood.

Maybe it develops a “type” that you’re always drawn to.

Perhaps it is just one MOMENT.


What do you think?  Do you have a love map?

*Etsy Artist keepcreating