Getting Involved


The project has expanded in unfathomable ways since it was originally conceived, and we are happy to bring “A Discourse on Love” into the next successful phase.

We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without the overwhelming support of the community and artists in Madison.  The first round of interviews have been completed, and we are busy compiling these interviews into expressions of art for our upcoming Exhibition and Variety Show and beyond.

The best way to get involved at this point is to attend and help us promote our “Acts of Love” in the coming months or to donate for the upcoming exhibition and community art project.

This has been a community powered event.  I have planted the seed and watched the community make it into what it is today.  Though it has been entirely volunteer run, and free of cost, we are encountering some costs with the exhibition.  One artist is building a robot that writes love letters and a listening booth, where you can connect with the interviews.

But I have dreams for this project to continue as well.  It seems strange to end it after seeing what can happen when community connects.  So, I ask for your help, the community.  I would like to continue this project, in a non-profit community arts outreach way.  I will be revealing more projects in the weeks and months to come, ways to connect people, ways to bring more art into the community.  But I need your help now.  Not only to help with expenses for the reception and show, but also to keep powering this towards the future.

Let’s support arts in our community.  Let’s support connections of people through out experiences.  Let’s see where we can take this.  Let’s see what happens when we support love through art.  I would really appreciate any donation for the upcoming exhibition and for the future of the project. Let’s power this forward.

Click here to donate to the project, for the exhibition and the future of this project

And please check out our upcoming events, including a variety show on May 16th

and Artist Exhibition for the month of June at Absolutely Art

* Art by Contributing Artist Joel Starkey 



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