When I found Margaret Durow through Etsy, I knew I wanted her.

Not like that.  Get your mind outta the gutter.

But really, she’s great.  I love her style and her creativity.

Lomography interviewed her last year , where she writes, “I take photos that are nostalgic, intimate, and personal to me, but I hope they can also be relatable and personal for the viewer.”

We are so lucky to have Margaret create not one, but two pieces for the Discourse on Love exhibit that will be held this June at Absolutely Art. One piece, featured above, is about sharing and connecting.  She adds, “To love is to care, because you feel something very special. It means sharing that connection and feeling of love with someone, by doing and supporting the things that inspire you both. It means being there with someone, creating a new and exciting feeling every day together.”

Her second piece is two frames with trunks and tiny books of pictures.  where she explores her love map.

Please see her – go to her site – and fall in love with her 🙂

Come and see Margaret and 44 other contributing artists at the Discourse on Love exhibition, where we explore love of all kinds and share together as a community. The reception will be at Absolutely Art on Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.




Growth and Friendship



Maggie Denmen, what a doll!  So happy to have her in the art exhibition and show 🙂

Maggie is exploring love in her piece.

Maggie eloquently writes, “In my experience love grows from friendship. Someone to care for, to have fun with, and enjoy spending time with. For me, my boyfriend is the person I love and is my best-friend. He cares for me, makes me laugh and accepts me for everything I am. This piece “BFF (best friends forever)” is a symbol of our love and friendship over the years and represents who we are together and where we started from.”

Please explore Maggie’s work here and see her show at Absolutely Art in the month of June, with the reception being Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.




We are so happy and honored to have Jon Paul Christman in the Discourse on Love exhibition this June.  I first found Jon Paul (JPCDesigns) on Etsy; I was drawn to his work that is surreal with interesting perspectives.

Jon writes,

“Different Paths pertains to the question “what is your love map” in that the two big faces are looking back at each other and are connected in that moment. In the illustration, there are all these other people and space between them and they are apart, yet still connected to each other on an internal level. In this way, I believe on an emotional level we as humans do connect and relate with certain individuals and not others that don’t share whatever it is that they have. Lastly, these past experiences creating a love map that guides us to where we want to be.”

Please explore Jon’s work at Etsy here or on facebook here.

Please meet Jon Paul and many more artists at the opening reception night at Absolutely Art on Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.


Man o man, we are some lucky folk.

The show is coming together and we are wrapping up quite a bit here.

The questions have been created, by the lovely Joe Kerman from Sector 67 (seriously, you gotta check this place out…) 


Interactive pieces are being finished…

listening booth is done!


the show is being hung today…

hearts to give, hearts to share…

and the program is being built with all the artist’s answers, questions, room to explore yourself…

Hope to see you this Friday, June 6 from 5-9 at Absolutely Art 🙂

Many Faces


Jaroslava Sobiskova is a talented artist of many faces.

She writes:

“Jaroslava Sobiskova was born to an extremely wealthy cattle baroness and her husband Hank in the harsh north Minnesota landscape of 1913. You will note in her paintings a harkening back to her earliest materials; dung, hay, cow’s milk, and blood.
Jaroslava Sobiskova was born in 1929 Shanghai. She received her early aesthetic schooling in the sweat filled opium dens, jazz joints and hair salons of the day. No known trace fo Ms. Sobiskova surfaced before 1991 when her paintings were found in a collectors junk in Kowloon. It is believed she disappeared after the Japanese invasion.
Jaroslava Sobiskova, noted cellular biologist from Bern, Switzerland chose after winning the Nobel prize in biology (1966) to pursue her lifelong love of painting. You will note her loyalty to mitochondriacal structures in these pieces.
Jaroslava Sobiskova was born Ida Schlunk of Cambridge, Wisconsin in 1990. Ms. Schlunk’s work can be seen at many venues throughout the Madison area showing of this remarkable four year old’s talent. You will note her mastery of finger paint and crayolas”

She has created a face of her love for the Absolutely Art and Discourse on Love show.  We are honored to have her!

Please explore her work here and explore her new piece at the exhibition in June.

Fluid Layers



We are honored to have Rebecca Lemke as a contributing artist in the Discourse on Love project.

Rebecca is a wonderful woman; one that has shared her story of transformation through art.  It was a joy to meet her at an exhibition earlier this year.

Rebecca writes,

“As a self-taught artist, I’ve honed my artistic skills over the years by continuously finding new ways to experiment with my art – it has become a process that I find a lot of joy in. I use  many different techniques with my paintings; it always feels new to me each time I work with a fresh canvas. I work with water colors and acrylic paints. I build unique textures and fluid layers in each piece.

Painting has been quite cathartic as I express a gamut of light and dark feelings. When I started painting it was to develop a personal creative outlet and to have a way to reflect on many things I was going through in my life that were difficult, painting had given me a way to not only voice my experiences but to enjoy the capability of having a deep connection to life’s experiences as well.”

Please explore Rebecca’s work at her website here.

And check out her piece at the immersive interactive love exhibition at Absolutely Art in June.  The reception will be Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.

‘How Can I Help You?’


I have known Tami Dettinger for many months now…

not only is she a fantastic artist, but also a wonderful dancer, dog owner, bee keeper, giving love and joy wherever she goes.

Throughout this project, she has been a great support.  She agreed to both interview and contribute a piece for the Absolutely Art exhibition in June.

She proved that what we see are only tips of beautiful icebergs, with stories and wisdom beneath what we already see.

It has been a joy.  🙂

She wrote a great explanation of her love, and says:

“Before you know it, you’ve been together for 30 years, and your heart is full from the accumulated gestures of love.”

Please come and see Tami’s work and many more artists at the exhibition at Absolutely Art in June.  Opening reception is Friday, June 6 from 5-9pm.

Cracks to Fill



Absolutely Art and A Discourse on Love are happy to announce Meg McMahon, who will be contributing two pieces for the exhibition in June.

One will be a performance art piece, where she explores what makes someone fall in love.  Check it out here 🙂

She has also contributed a piece of art,

Meg writes:

“Sometimes romance works, sometimes it doesn’t. There are cracks left by some memories and sometimes love can fill them. Love is transparent, we can see the flaws of each other, we can see ourselves in others, and we all try to be real.”

Please come to see Meg’s performance art piece and more at the exhibition.  The reception night, featuring over ten interactive pieces, will be Friday, June 6 from 5-9.

Hope to see you there!