The mission of this project is to connect people.  Hearing the stories of love, across the spectrum and all ages.  Connecting community through our collective experiences of love. And it won’t end with the exhibition in June.  I want to make this a larger mission: connecting people through love, art, and experience.  I want to continue to collect stories, letters of love, and exploring what this means as a greater community.

Through this project, I have seen people help each other.  Strangers helping strangers.  People analyzing their own loves, their own lives.  It has been unbelievably inspiring.  People often say that they needed it, loved it.  Which is want I want more than anything.  Looking at love, looking at our lives, looking at each other.  What do we have in common from our experiences. This project is just the start to something greater.  Something that will continue to build and connect people. The first stage of this will be setting up the continuation of the project.  There will be many facets to this project, to be announced soon, but it will continue to grow in love and in what you have made of it. Part of this will be StoryLine.

Though I won’t be continuing the interviews as I have been, I would like to announce the start of the StoryLine :: a community powered storytelling experience.



StoryLine is a google phone number where people can call in to share their stories.  Questions will be released and available for two weeks at a time.  During that time, anyone can call in and answer or explore the question.  Like the interviews, they are completely confidential and anonymous, however I will choose a heartfelt line or quote from your story to share with the public.  (You won’t be given away, I promise!)

It gives the community a chance to explore as we have been.  It gives us a chance to continue to foster this discourse.

Please call (920)STORY14.  (920)786-7914 to explore questions and to answer for yourself.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, stories, poems, quotes, or ideas.

As always, thank you, for you are making this happen.


The current question to explore is :: Who taught you love?

This will be available from Sunday, May 11-Saturday, May 31.

        (920) 786-7914


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